For the 3rd time the Global Media Innovator (GMI) was given out during the annual All Nations Gala of the Diplomatic Council in Frankfurt this February. Again, the Innovator received an object of art by internationally acknowledged artist Ulrike Bolenz, in addition to a lifelong fellowship in the global think tank. This year it was titled “Vitruvian Human”, again combining graphics, classic painting and plexiglass reflections. “I looked up the history of this topic and it is really amazing. I’m really thrilled to have received this object”, said Simon Ingram, founder and CEO of London based iocono Holdings and its daughter company RTAd Ltd. that is marketing the real time advertising solutions of Adgile software suite, after receiving this year’s honors.

“Amazing – and clever” that also the summary of the independent GMI Board within the DC that had the challenging job picking this year’s Innovator. And it was a truly hard pick this year with three out of five of the shortlisted contestants being very close together throughout the nomination process. “What made the difference with RTAd? The fact checking: It already proved that it works on a regular basis”, says Ian Whightman of worldwide business intelligence group IHS Markit and member of the GMI board from the very beginning. The Adgile suite, that is a production feature that allows to compile audiovisual TV spots in a very fast and cost-effective way, almost in real time. “We soon found out that we also had to include planning and scheduling tools”, explains Ingram. Only recently added to the Adgile Suite of products, Adgile Play, is used for the 24/7 playout of dynamically controlled infomercial channels, allowing the client to change prices and offers on products through an online control panel, in real time. This was the main reason of the GMI board to decide for RTAd: “This enables advertising in near or actual real time using data from live sources. It delivers files to broadcasters that are compliant with technical and legal standards, all in an automated process. Clever!”

The highly exclusive Global Media Innovator is designed to launch wide discussion on the positive impact of such clever ideas and innovations on our disrupted industries and more so our societies. No company or individual can apply to become the Innovator. The organizations and networks behind the GMI board members come up with suggestions that totaled 18 in this round. The board than narrows in first on the shortlist and on the innovator in later steps. Members of the 2018 GMI board were: Ijeoma Onah, founder, Nigerian International Film Summit (Lagos), Dato’ Ng Wan Peng, COO, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, MDEC (Kuala Lumpur), Moeed Ahmad, head of Incubation & Innovation Group, Al Jazeera Media Network (Doha), Blair Westlake, principal, MediaSquareup (Seattle), Ian Wightman, VP Research and Operations at IHS Markit Inc. (Austin), Ed Hall, managing partner Expert Media Partners (London), Robin Eckermann, principal, Eckermann Associates (Canberra) and Jo Groebel, director, Deutsches Digital Institut (DDI, Berlin).

[Photo by Diplomatic Council: Simon Ingram, RTAd (left) , Ulrike Bolenz, Dieter Brockmeyer, DC (right)]

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