We are talking a lot about so-called mega trends. These are trends that will determine our global society for the next couple of years. Artificial intelligence, for instance, has been identified to be one of these trends. That’s easy to understand. But “Diversity”?

Yes, it is! Diversity – that is not only the diversity of cultures and races. In today’s definition it also includes the diversity of sexes, genders and lifestyles. It includes the handicapped as well as – well, you name it! It describes the diversity of the world. Yes, it’s colorful and the more globalized our world is getting the more this issue will gain momentum and importance.

Of course, each trend has its opposite, shaking our everyday politics with intolerance and so-called protectionism, in the long-run very likely causing the opposite – instability in economics and society. Therefore, it is important to talk about diversity, to make it a true mega trend.

Companies do realize it, like trade show organizer Reed Midem. During this year’s TV content market mipcom Reed Midem for the second time, at the Cannes Carlton, hosted the Diversify TV Excellence Award initiated by Diversify TV, a group of professionals then mostly with African background, only three years ago. Moreover, the award ceremony was widely used in the trade show’s communication including all highlight wrap ups covering the entire mipcom week. No doubt, the trade show organizer invested quite some effort and energy in this new award and ceremony.

Of course, Reed Midem backs the initiative for marketing reasons. However, you only use trends for your marketing that you expect to improve your business. Especially in times loaded with controversies the impact can be immense. You don’t reach the overall mass but a specific part of it that is very responsive to your message. A good example for this thesis is US sports and fashion group Nike.

“Just do It!” is the slogan that was brought together with the controversial black football star Colin Kaepernick. He became highly controversial when he started to bend his knees instead of singing along the US national anthem before NFL football matches. This made him a perfect target for the conservative US society! When president Donald Trump found out about the campaign, he predicted Nike revenues to slump dramatically. He was sure right about some of his followers. However, Nike revenues rose, and online sales even marked best-ever following the launch of the campaign!

Kaepernick was a brave decision and it payed off. It also has to do with who is buying Nike products. Their clients are urban and wealthy compared to those in the rust or bible belt where most of the Trump clientele is located. Most Nike clients are the “liberals” and tolerant globalists. Possible revenue losses from the protesting Trump clientele were more than compensated by the main target group. I am not analyzing if the Nike marketing department was also driven by a more human spirit. I hope they were!

Only considering the marketing approach, they did very well! What this has to do with Diversity? A whole lot considering what launched the protest wave that made Kaepernick and then others to bend their knees. To raise a voice for Diversity is more important than ever. It’s a win-win-situation for society and in marketing.

We should make sure diversity is widely recognized as a mega trend!

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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