An analysis of the online marketing behaviour of the German Asset Management industry came to remarkable conclusions. We reviewed over forty randomly selected asset managers in German speaking countries.

Here are the results.

Almost all asset managers are by now more or less at home on the Internet. The online presence is mainly used as a passive digital showroom for displaying information. The potentials of strategic marketing is only used sporadically. Interaction, advisory and feedback features are more or less the exception.

From this we derive three hypotheses.

  • The passive online presence is accepted in the market.
  • Advanced strategies are still in search of more widespread implementation.
  • The profile of the “digital competent person” grows by now into the role of the “digital fluent person”. Only after dealing with transformation challenges the “digital natives” are to be productive.

We can observe a slow change of this state. The process will be dominated by the catalytic steps of a few pioneers. However, the reactions of the competitors in the digital marketing space will be greatly affected.

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