The rapid climate change, speeding digitalization threatening our work lives as we know them, globalization with its felt or real injustices, is frightening people and increasingly leads to geopolitical rejection. Never mankind seemed to be more endangered. And never cross border dialogue including all stakeholders was more important. That’s were the newly found Diplomatic World Institute (DWI) in Brussels comes in. It acts as an interface between culture and commerce, interlinking politics, diplomacy, business and finance, health by the means of economic and cultural diplomacy.
The institute is a sister organization of the Diplomatic World Magazine, which can rightfully claim the status of a key diplomatic-journalistic medium and influential global opinionmaker. Thanks to this affiliation, the institute will be in close contact with the embassies in Brussels, all members of the European Parliament, the Directorates Generals of the European Commission, the European Council, members of the Belgian government, and heads of states, in addition to a broad range of influential economic forums and organizations, leaders across industries, the legal profession, consultancy bureaus and think tanks in Brussels and other capital cities in Europe and the world, interconnecting to a global institutional base including bodies within the United Nations.
DWI acts as an interface between industries, societies and administrations by creating sustainable partnerships and forums with specific focus on burning global issues such as the development of Africa, creating cultural conditions conducive to understanding, innovation or global transition. The creation and maintaining of special economic zones with strong free trade and direct investment connections, is of prime concern to the institute. All actions of the DWI have on their goal making an active contribution to protecting worldwide peace and prosperity. This is really nothing new: The global exchange of cultural and economic goods prevents armed conflicts and increases personal and social wealth.
The founders of the Diplomatic World Institute are internationally renowned experts in their specific fields: magazine publisher Barbara Dietrich, who can vouch for a high quality network in the diplomatic and fine arts sectors; the President of FEMOZA Juan Torrents; the sustainable growth expert Christine Vertente; the international solicitor Philippe Billiet; the media, entertainment and innovation expert Dieter Brockmeyer (who also is the writer of this piece); the art and design professor Jan De Maere, publisher of contemporary art books, Bruno Devos; and project manager and renaissance specialist Maarten Vermeir who is also vice president of the Erasmus Institute for Peace Solutions, a close partner to the DWI.

Photo: Barbara Dietrich and Dieter Brockmeyer announcing the launch of DWI during P’50 Summer Peace Summit this June in Brussels. Credit: Eurasian Women Community Press Agency

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